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Experienced White Plains Divorce Lawyer Protects Your Rights

Firm helps Hudson Valley residents navigate New York laws on marriage dissolution

Ending a marriage is a difficult process, and complications often increase when couples share substantial assets. At Martin J. Rosen, P.C. in White Plains, clients receive knowledgeable counsel from a family lawyer with more than 40 years of experience. Mr. Rosen understands how to advocate for clients’ rights in disputes over important issues like property division and child custody. The firm delivers compassionate guidance and strong advocacy to couples so that they can overcome their challenges and move forward with a strong emotional and financial foundation, seeking an amicable resolution whenever possible to avoid the expense of litigation.

Choosing the type of divorce

The two types of divorce are:

  • Contested divorce — When the parties cannot reach an agreement on issues at dispute
  • Uncontested divorce — May involve negotiating the terms through mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution, which may reduce some of the stress of the process

Whatever your choice, attorney Martin J. Rosen can provide you with professional, insightful representation that provides the best chance for favorable resolution for you and your children.

The process of a contested divorce

Whether contested or uncontested, the divorce process typically begins with one partner serving the other with a summons for divorce. The party receiving the summons may then choose to contest or not to contest the divorce. The result of the choice to contest the divorce is that hearings are held to decide upon the issues under contention. At this stage, if you have not already retained an attorney, you should retain a capable contested divorce attorney to handle the case as it progresses. Motions are available, such as the interim relief motion for temporary support, which are vital to your well-being and the progress of the case in this period. The discovery stage, which involves an exchange of information in anticipation of hearings on complex issues such as property division and custody, can be overwhelming without astute legal assistance.

Numerous opportunities are provided for the parties to negotiate and work out the issues amongst themselves instead of proceeding with a contested divorce process. These opportunities require knowledgeable advice and adept negotiation skills to ensure that you get the better deal out of any negotiations. Let Martin J. Rosen, a skilled divorce attorney, manage the progress of your case and get you the best results.

Understanding the terms of divorce

Even in a negotiated divorce, you need a capable White Plains, NY divorce lawyer to help protect your rights through the following terms of divorce:

  • Division of property — You may wait for a courtroom trial to determine the distribution of property or instead opt to pursue a negotiated settlement. Whatever your circumstance, Martin J. Rosen, a thorough divorce lawyer, conducts a detailed analysis to help ensure that you and your children receive fair treatment.
  • Child custody and visitation — Whether you need to create a parenting plan to determine the terms of child custody or schedule visitation, Martin J. Rosen, a sympathetic lawyer, can help ensure that these decisions meet court requirements.
  • Child support — Nothing is more important than ensuring the best future for your children. Martin J. Rosen, a trusted attorney, can help ensure that your children are well supported financially after the divorce.
  • Maintenance (alimony) — Not every divorce includes terms for spousal support. However, Martin J. Rosen, an accomplished family lawyer, works closely with you to identify your needs and negotiate an equitable settlement.
  • Separation — A properly drafted separation agreement can help you achieve an amicable, well-arranged separation from your spouse. You need an adept attorney to help you get the best separation arrangement possible.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements — Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are a significant factor in divorce settlements. A knowledgeable attorney can help you understand how these agreements may affect your divorce.
  • Contested divorce —A contested divorce can be a stressful, unpleasant experience. Martin J. Rosen, an experienced divorce lawyer, can help minimize the stress with trusted, skillful representation.
  • Modification of judgments —Modifications of judgments are often necessary to provide the best post-divorce arrangements for you and your family. Martin J. Rosen, an efficient attorney, can help you make the best case for a modification of existing judgments.
  • Orders of protection — Your safety and that of your children is paramount. You need an understanding attorney who can make sure that you get the protection under the law that you need and deserve.
  • Adoption — Adoption can involve complex legal considerations and have serious effects upon the legal structure of the family and its obligations. Contact a reliable adoption lawyer to help you navigate the legal process.
  • Paternity — Paternity comes with rights and responsibilities under law. Martin J. Rosen, a diligent divorce lawyer, can help you protect your rights and manage your responsibilities.

Whatever the aspect of divorce you need help with, Martin J. Rosen, a personable divorce lawyer, will provide you with exceptionally effective, dynamic legal service to arrive at the best outcome for your legal issue.

Let a sympathetic White Plains divorce attorney help you move on with your life

Transform your emotional scenario into a favorable outcome. Get the legal help you need to transcend your current situation. Call Martin J. Rosen, P.C. at 914-517-0841 or contact the firm online. Serving clients from Westchester County and throughout the Hudson Valley, the firm’s office is located on Main Street in White Plains, across the street from the Galleria mall.

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