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How to Calculate Child Support in New York

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New York parents have a legal and ethical obligation to support the financial needs of their children. This is also true of adoptive parents and stepparents (as long as they remain married to the biological parent). If the relationship between a child’s parents ends, even if they were never married, both are required to pay support. Unfortunately, parents often attempt to hide some of their income or assets in order to gain a more favorable rate. A skilled family law attorney in White Plains, NY, Martin J. Rosen, P.C. can help you get the support to which your children are entitled.

What determines child support in New York State?

New York State law provides a formula for calculating child support payments. The court’s representative looks at your income but subtracts certain monies from it — particularly court-ordered payments that you may already be making, such as maintenance or child support payments, and taxes. The court then combines the incomes of the two parents, multiplies the combined income amount by a coefficient corresponding to the number of children needing support, and divides the result between the parents according to their income, with the parent who makes more money paying more.

If you believe that your former spouse is lying about their financial situation to get a lower child support judgment, you need to obtain more accurate information. Martin J. Rosen, a determined divorce attorney, can examine complex financial data to help you get the best results for your individual circumstances.

A White Plains lawyer can help get the child support you are due

To get accurate information about your former spouse’s finances, you can request a subpoena to demand information from employers and financial institutions, and you can bring in witnesses to testify to your former spouse’s finances and spending habits. In addition, you can present evidence of your own finances and expenses. This fact finding is best handled by a masterful White Plains, NY divorce attorney — one who knows what kind of information to obtain and where it is likely to be hiding.

Martin J. Rosen is an accomplished divorce lawyer in White Plains, NY who has helped countless clients present successful cases for child support.

How to modify child support orders

Sudden changes in one’s income level might make an existing child support payment rate inappropriate. A child support order can be modified by a petition to the Family Court from either parent. A full explanation of the change requested must be provided, and a hearing is held for the court to rule on the request. You need a skilled family law attorney to present the best case regarding modification of your order.

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