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Divorce can be stressful and emotionally taxing even without a lengthy court contest. Even if you are financially secure, an unfavorable outcome could put what you’ve earned in jeopardy. That’s why in a contested divorce where so much is at stake, you need a capable contested divorce firm, Martin J. Rosen, P.C., to minimize your stress and protect your rights.

A contested divorce occurs when the parties cannot reach an agreement on certain issues. Such issues may include:

  • Child custody — As a parent, being in your child’s life is of the utmost importance. That’s why you need an adept family lawyer to help you get the best arrangements in terms of future child custody.
  • Division of assets — If you own property together, and you can’t agree how to divide it, an experienced divorce attorney can step in and help bring the two of you to an agreeable solution.
  • Spousal maintenance — If you have a separation agreement, you may have already made some interim determinations as to support. Martin J. Rosen can help you understand how your separation agreement may affect your progress toward divorce.
  • Agreement to the divorce itself — In cases where one of the parties does not want the divorce, they can dispute some or all aspects of it. A compassionate divorce attorney, who understands how difficult divorce is when it’s not what you want, can help you come to terms and resolve your differences so that the proceedings can go on.

Martin J. Rosen, a divorce lawyer with more than 40 years of experience, can help you reach an agreement or court order that is best suited to your circumstances.

The process of a contested divorce

Whether contested or uncontested, the divorce process typically begins with one partner serving the other with a summons for divorce. The party receiving the summons may then choose to contest or not to contest the divorce. The result of the choice to contest the divorce is that hearings are held to decide upon the issues under contention. At this stage, if you have not already retained an attorney, you should retain a capable contested divorce attorney to handle the case as it progresses. Motions are available, such as the interim relief motion for temporary support, which are vital to your well-being and the progress of the case in this period. The discovery stage, which involves an exchange of information in anticipation of hearings on complex issues such as property division and custody, can be overwhelming without astute legal assistance.

Numerous opportunities are provided for the parties to negotiate and work out the issues amongst themselves instead of proceeding with a contested divorce process. These opportunities require knowledgeable advice and adept negotiation skills to ensure that you get the better deal out of any negotiations. Let Martin J. Rosen, a skilled divorce attorney, manage the progress of your case and get you the best results.

Let a professional White Plains divorce attorney manage your case

A skilled and seasoned divorce lawyer can handle difficult divorce disputes and help you reach a favorable legal solution. Call Martin J. Rosen at 914-517-0841 or contact the firm online. The law office of Martin J. Rosen, P.C. serves Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Orange, Dutchess and New York counties.

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