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Where Can My Spouse and I Get Help to Work Out Our…

Where Can My Spouse and I Get Help to Work Out Our Differences Outside of Court?

When going through the divorce process, having a neutral person to help you and your spouse come to terms is recommended. Most couples benefit from having an attorney as a mediator to help them to formulate ideas. A mediator’s goal is to guide the couple toward a final resolution on many terms, including child support, custody and alimony. The process of hiring a lawyer to work as a neutral source in order to help couples reach a mutual understanding is called divorce mediation.

What is a mediator?

A divorce mediator is a third party that you and your spouse hire in order to help negotiate the terms of your divorce. Mediators are unbiased and cannot give you legal advice. However, hiring an experienced and knowledgeable attorney as a mediator may be beneficial. An attorney already has the legal background to understand your case. An attorney-mediator would be able to give you legal analysis and inform you of the law. This will help you and your soon-to-be former spouse immensely when working to develop an agreement of terms. Mediators may also be able to help you and your spouse communicate more effectively — which in turn will allow the divorce process to go more smoothly.

How will a mediator help in my divorce?

Going through a mediator allows the couple to work together to decide their own terms. This is suggested for spouses as it alleviates some of the stress of what they will and will not receive. Couples who are going through a contested divorce and end up in trial typically walk away unsatisfied because the judge decides on most or all terms, including how to split up their assets, child support and alimony payments. A mediator will help the couples speak one-on-one about what they would like to receive from the divorce. This in turn leads to a simpler process and in most cases a settlement in which both parties are mutually satisfied.

When filing for divorce, look for an attorney-mediator that can truly understand your case. Contact Martin J. Rosen, P.Cfor the legal assistance you need in order to get started on settling your divorce once and for all.

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